Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Women Owned Businesses Rise to the Occasion

It was a wonderful night, despite the hassle of political appeal. When the National Association of Women Owned Business held its 8th Annual Awards and Membership dinner at the NY Hilton on Tuesday, March 21, the evening's smooth schedule took a turn south when a local comedienne took the stage. It wasn't that she was that bad--au contraire, she kept over 300 women and some men chuckling as she complained about relationship issues and "the problem with men." Her distress – and ours -- was that we were all apparently waiting for Leslie Grossman, president of Marcom Action and president of NAWBO-NYC. When Leslie showed up, we realized why she huffed a hello and then introduced the real traffic snag--First Lady and NYS Senatorial candidate, Hillary Clinton.

So when we should've been well into the awards presentations of the 10 women whom we were there to honor and congratulate, we were forced into a campaign speech thinly veiled as a Thank You for being made an honorary member. Security guards walked around shifty-eyed during the photo opps afterwards.
Forty minutes later the awards resumed.

Oh, and the awards dinner -- well, that was great, when we finally did get to congratulate Silicon Alley businesswoman Cecilia Pagkalinawan, president of Boutique Y3K. Other Alley-ers there to rally her on were Marc Scarpa of JumpCut, Dave Leffler of his own firm, James Marver of Vantage Point, other friends and her large family. During the dinner earlier in the evening, I had the opportunity to chat with some of my table-mates, Jennifer Rewick of The WSJ Interactive Edition, Asami Ishimaru of PI Asset Management, and Josh Harris and Tanya Corrin of Pseudo. Cecilia graced our table with her presence, garbed in a smashingly sexy power suit by Philippino designer Gigi Ferranti. This woman will also be designing dresses for diva Diana Ross.