Saturday, March 11, 2000

Making a Living with Non-mainstream content

As SXSW is wont to do, attendees are exposed to many creative types who forego the corporate experience to pursue their passion. Sometimes one of them even makes a living at it, and it's always fun to learn how they do it. Nikol Lohr of sat on the panel, with a pink boa headband, and told us that it is possible to "have a site on micro-nothing and not have to work for some asshole." Betty Ray of Soul Pants and said the way she's done business development is via contacts. Moderator Molly Steenson ( and Scient) remarked how the job landscape is changing so that today there are job titles like Content Strategist, which didn't exist a few years ago. And while the most successful sites are those that have the most necessary content, as more people come online, there will be more room for more content. Betty chimed in that now is actually the best time to be creating non-mainstream content.