Thursday, March 09, 2000

A Dash of Fun

I dashed off from The Standard's soiree back uptown to's office on West 25th Street. As you stepped off the elevator you were washed in red light. Once your eyes adjusted you saw some screens suspended from the ceiling showing the browser bar that watches your surfing (and pays you to do it). My eyes dashed (sorry) around the room and landed on the rosy cheeks of Troy Tyler and Vernon Steward of SmartRay. I chatted with them for a bit, spied Stephanie Agresta of B& and sampled a rice cracker with Tuna while talking with Melissa Kirby of Computer Intelligence. After a graceful business card exchange with Daniel Kaufman, CEO of, Mark Frieser of Instant Rendevous reaquainted his company to me. Francine Gutwilik of LivePerson, Judy Moi of Redwood Partners and John Bader of Intellispace came over and talked about about the "Scene" with Diane Brady, my companion for the festivities. Before leaving I snapped a photo of the strapping freres David and Jason Tardio of Lumina and Cox Interactive respectively. I bade a kiss-kiss adieu to Kathy Reilly of Flooz and Seth Price of without a moment's thought on any dashed dreams!