Thursday, March 02, 2000

ICast a radio DJ spin

"I met Julia Child in London when I was 10!" This enthusiastic burst came from the endearing JJ Hirschle of AdSmart when he went along with Jen Nash of Eisnor Interactive's joke that I was a food and restaurant reporter. 'Interesting to hear about his experience with Charlie Trotter, who went to the same high school, but more interesting to hear his impressions of this seasoned New York cyber crowd. I was learning all this at the iCast party, which debuted radio and DJs, at the fabulously redone Tramps club, now called Centrofly. Styled similarly to the Rock club in London, there were "hanging walls" of long white plastic tubes (similar to the beaded-curtain craze in the 70s) that separated rooms of black and white negative and positive dots. A circular lit up raw bar served as a VIP lounge where I chatted with Mr. Hirschle and Ms. Nash. She also introduced me to Eng San Sho, dir. of On-Air identities and Markus Grimdel, a flash-wiz at Pseudo. After their entertaining repartee I moved around the room to run into Howard Schwartz, who I sat next to in the early days of the web world (1995) coding Web sites for clients like Cigarworld and RoyalCarribean. Now he's at Eisnor and we caught up briefly before I walked outside to a long line of eager cyber-music-partiers.