Friday, February 02, 2007

** Happy Valentine's Day!

Here I am, all decked out in Valentine-garb to spread the joy!  And here is a "naughty" video, just for y'all.  See? It is possible to be naughty and nice.

** When Elizabeth Meehan came back from a week in New Orleans, working for Habitat for Humanity, she also worked on gutting the St. Bernard Battered Women's Shelter.  She said the staff was full of wonderful, caring people who brought them a warm lunch everyday and talked about how things have changed since Katrina.

As typical after crises, what they've seen is an increase in battered women by first-time offenders.  Men who previously had never abused their wives are unable to cope with the strain of post-Katrina frustration in New Orleans and unfortunately violence has become their outlet.  The police and fire department report the same kind of statistics with increases in violent crimes, suicide and other stress related deaths.

She attended an anti-violence rally and witnessed citizens so angry, frustrated and exhausted.  And unfortunately the city is ill-equipped to deal with the causes or outcome of these problems.  However, the St. Bernard Women's Shelter is trying to renovate a facility that will be a part of the solution.  It will offer emergency housing, day care, counseling, training and transitional housing for women and children.  Elizabeth, always ready to pitch-in where needed, is helping them with their mission through a project called "A Mardi Gras to Remember." This Mardi Gras, please remember the residents of New Orleans, not just the parades, beads and Bourbon street, and help this worthy cause.

Here are four easy steps to help you "remember New Orleanians:"
1) with your prayers and positive thoughts
2) by wearing a purple and green ribbon, February 16th - 20th
3) by visiting the website, and
4) by emailing and telling everyone you know about this website!

** IMG, the world's leading sports, entertainment and media company, acquired Nunet AG, a leading provider of mobile media solutions for 2.5G and 3G mobile network operators.  Nunet is one of the world's leading suppliers of Mobile TV solutions, and currently streams more than 200 channels for over 20 mobile network operators in Europe, Africa and the Americas.  Additionally, Nunet provides both technology and editorial support to leading content owners to help them develop a wide range of mobile content products.  Nunet is based in Cologne, Germany and today employs 50 people.  IMG plans to move its Cologne office into the NuNet facility, expanding the total presence of IMG Media in the German market to over 100 people.

** Columbia University professor and now WNBC technology reporter Sreenath Sreenivasan ( held, Donahue-like, a "town hall" in WNBC's Studio 6 (also Conan's studio) on blogging for bloggers on Wednesday, January 31st.  Most of the emphasis was on how bloggers can help WNBC with breaking news, acknowledging that these people-on-the-street get the news and break it more than the traditional vehicles, no matter how fast they try to advance.  There were plenty of young whippersnappers espousing how 'snarky' and fabulously irreverent they are.  Regardless, WNBC is making headway and has even offered to feature bloggers they use on their site and in news interviews.  So go out there and find some news, or make some!  Just make sure it's not anything the Department of Homeland Security might get confused by. 

** Don't forget Valentine's....this month's "Cocktails with Courtney" is Wednesday, February 28th.  And, because the response has been so overwhelming, I've moved it to a bigger and better venue!  Mark your calendars and RSVP.  Also--this month I'm feeling generous and am giving y'all a freebie.  (Next month we're back to the $15 admin fee.)

Date: Wednesday, February 28
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Place: Papatzul. 55 Grand St (Btwn W Bway & Wooster)
Cost: Cash bar
Rsvp: Spaces are EXTREMELY limited. Rsvp only if you are going to really show