Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Planetary Influence

The stars were aligned perfectly for Samantha Saturn, president of Saturn Network, on Tuesday, March 28, for her launch party at Galaxy Global Eatery. Lou LaGrange, digital marketing specialist with Saturn, was also acting as gracious host. As Phil (see above) and I entered the night-sky blue room with galaxy lights twinkling above, we ran into Seth Price of USLaw.com and Marci Weisler of Vindigo chatting it up. Scott Heiferman of I-traffic was congenial as we marveled about how this industry is so large that two people could go out every night and never run into each other. He also was beaming like a new Papa about his next company, Rocketboard, of which he's the founder and board member. He introduced us to Rocketboard's CEO Peter Sulick. They'd just gotten some (nice) early press in Newsweek.

Samantha came over to say hello -- she was one of the first advertisers in my column when she was with N2K -- and to explain what her new firm does. They are the outsourcing marketing department for digital brands. Steve Klein of iballs.com said "it's the old guard that's here tonight" as he passed by to greet other early netnauts. Jim McCovey of Reader's Digest and Matt Cortellesi of The Globe.com were entertaining Patty Vandenack and Julia Regen who are starting up a headhunting firm. Stan Sandberg of ING Barings, Stacey Mayesh (a stylist), Peter Hyman of Middleberg and Leah Esposito (graphic designer) were enjoying the scene and the storm of hors d'oeuvres that flew out of the kitchen at the rate of comets.