Sunday, March 12, 2000

NetArt: A New Venue for Cultural Production

"Creationism is a myth" "Support mid-wifery" "Legalize marijuana" "Let's take our friends in Seattle seriously" "Let's tax pollutors" "Well, someone had to say something un-related to the topic!" said Ebon Fisher of Digital Worlds after he blurted out his manifestos in the panel he sat on Sunday afternoon, March 12. Mark Meadows lamented how more people are getting funded for art projects but it's for new forms of functionality, not beauty. Ebon cried how the art world needs to do what the gay community did with the word "queer." They legalized it so it wasn't a bad word. Today, "art" is associated with boring entertainment. Chris Romero (Oscillation/Parsons School of Design) commented on how the term "art" doesn’t come up in discussion until he needs to describe what he does. Their musings continued as I snuck out to hear Patrick Spain ( and Kara Swisher (Wall Street Journal) speak on another panel.