Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cocktails with Courtney ~ Memorable May

Well, as advertised, the May "Cocktails with Courtney" on May 30 was Memorable. There was an international mix of attendees ranging from Barcelona, Paris, Wall Street, France, Connecticut, Wiliamsburg, Jackson Heights and the East Village! Based on a stellar review of the incredible protein ice cream bars L'essence in my December 22nd issue (, L'essence CEO Richard Guida donated a box of these powerfully good-and-good-for-you treats to the event, hand-delivered by his charming representatives Kathryn Bollmann and Deirdre Samsel. Aleks Jakulin discussed social networking (face-to-face) opportunities in other European countries; Biba Pedron ( and Bernardo Joselevich ( discussed the tipping point of networking events and actor Christopher King ( entertained Cecilia Vernes. Artist Jillian Corbett ( amused graphic artist Emmanuel Joubeaud with her "shark" bag leading into a conversation about Moby Dick with artist Mark Bloch (

Friday, May 25, 2007

NYC's World Trade Week

The plethora and variety of events during World Trade Week, May 21-25, kept those interested in international trade occupied as they traversed the city whilst dealing with business travel, tax and trends in other countries. The week was kicked off with an International Awards Breakfast on Monday, May 21 honoring New York companies that have been active in international trade.

Celluloid and

Happy Rainy Friday Cyber Scenesters!

Well, I have been remiss in writing and my last missive, on June 25th, was short of skimpy, so herewith I shall attempt to divulge in various and sundry topics.

It's very exciting when people in your path becoming increasingly (and deservedly) successful Case in point is James Sanders who's book "Celluloid Skyline" was the basis for a Time Warner Classic month-long showcase from May 25th - June 22nd. [] The unveiling of a grand multimedia exhibition in Grand Central Terminal was on Tuesday, June 5th and I attended after some tapas at Cinema Restaurant with dear ol' Dad and graphic artist Emmanuel Joubeaud. The soiree was swirling with fans of James'--some old familiar A-listers and some new people like's Education, Events & Multimedia director Carmen Scheidel. After a swing around the exhibits we were off to Lincoln Center for the ballet. "Fin."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Roundtable on Silicon Alley 2.0

The Polytechnic University ITE, NYMIEG and Trylon/SMR/NY convergence Roundtable on Silicon Alley 2.0 on May 23rd drew a great crowd and conversation about the relationship between large and small companies in Silicon Alley. The panelists and breakout sessions added a lot to the event and enabled us to learn about different points of view and get a deeper understanding of some of the issues and challenges confronting the different constituents in the Silicon
Alley community.

The Best use of Speed Dating

I've heard of speed-networking, speed-dating and now Speed Dating Politique! ( and This, I have to say, is the best use of the "speed" concepts. The concept, recently used prior to the French elections gave citizens a chance to hear soundbites from each candidate and then pose questions. Nice and efficient. Voila!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cocktails with Courtney ~ and others! (event listings)

* "Cocktails with Courtney"
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at MyBefana (116 West Houston St. btwn Thompson and Sullivan). 7:00 - 9:00 PM

* Computers for Youth's 2nd annual Tech Leadership Awards ~
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers in New York City. 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM ~

* Social Media Workshop: NYC
When: June 19, 8:30am - 5:30pm
Where: BB King¹s, Times Square NYC
Hosted by Social Media Club
***Now through May 25th, use discount code ³COURTNEY² for an additional 5% off By clicking before you register**

* World Trade Week takes place from May 21-25, 2007 -- "Small Business Success in the Global Marketplace: Strategies, Resources and Networks" -- starts next week! This week is a celebration of international trade and commerce in the greater New York City area. To register for the International Awards Breakfast and to view our calendar of events, please visit today! Dont miss this unique educational and networking opportunity.

Uli Schmid-Maybach: Maybach Foundation - Tamar Alexia Fleishman

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to Uli Schmid-Maybach -- who called from Germany -- about all of his philanthropic and business ventures. Uli is the great-grandson of Dr. Wilhelm Maybach, who with business partner Gottlieb Daimler, developed the first Mercedes car. Wilhelm was orphaned at the age of 10. Drawing and making designs in a progressive orphanage, he was discovered and mentored by Daimler, which not only changed his life, but also the world. This is why the Maybach family is so in tune with the concept of mentoring: they know it works.

The very charming Uli described how he had just been a part of the Milliken Conference, piloting a unique medical component to the mentoring program. "We're scrambling to do the follow up!" he exclaims. They are involved in an AIDS project in Uganda, as well as finding medical leaders who are doing post-doctoral work. He is also starting a photography mentoring program that will bring together Israelis and Palestinians. Another program involves architecture to bring together Americans and Middle Easterners. Their main mentoring program seeks out young people - ages 15 to 24 - who are disadvantaged (orphaned like Wilhelm Maybach, handicapped, etc.) or from developing countries. "Somebody has to take an interest in that person. It's the luxury of connecting," Uli points out.

Uli has a chemistry background and an MBA from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management. I wondered what type of family pressures he might have had in picking a career. "You know, my family's values are very strong... and modest. Even though there are Daimler-Chryslers that are $400,000, I am in the market for a Prius, myself. It's socially responsible. My parents were pro education. Out of the 4 kids -- 2 boys and 2 girls -- there's a sculptor, a photographer, artist, and me. My great-grandfather and grandfather never even owned an automobile."

Uli Maybach uses the latest technology in his efforts: "There's a lot of software! We're looking different software packages for outreach. It's hard to automate that, the personal touch is still needed. But we are training people to use Sales Force and Tapestry.

The Maybach family also owns a winery in the Napa Valley with the brand name, "Materium". "We just had our first production, very small, very premium. Less than 500 cases. It's half gone! My brother in involved, too. But I'm involved with the numbers and contracts."

The Maybach Family Foundation is has been working through Daimler-Chrysler in sponsoring the Cannes Film Fest. I asked Uli about that. "With our model, we look for where those people gather." The foundation will be working with Quincy Jones on some projects. Uli points out that The Maybach Family Foundation working in tandem with a corporation for philanthropic purposes may be the first partnership of its kind.

I asked Uli what type of business ventures he'd be involved with if not for the foundation. "Before getting into this project, I was into real estate - sustainable, green projects. I see that people are willing to pay a premium for smart design, environmentally conscious development. I get a great deal of satisfaction from that. I would probably start doing that in California, where we have rose-colored glasses on the coast!"

Wild Things (Rock) Center Stage

There's always something new at Rockefeller Center and while they were in process of tearing down The Players golfing course expo, they carted in a giraffe, an ostrich and a baby zebra for a fashion segment on "Safari."
On Google Video: nbcsafari.wmv

Communing Reunion

While I didn't see many ITPers or fellow Tischers that I knew, for that matter at the NYU Reunion on Saturday, May 12th, I had a fabulous time dancing with Gallatin grad (and actor) Christopher King ( and Tisch alum (teacher/actor) Christine Drayer. The food wasn't too bad and I even got up close and personal with Bobcat! My first time! Whew! Of course, the 6 degrees of separation connections are always at work -- Christopher's mom (Jeanne King) happens to be the president to the Newswomen's Club of New York! ( Listen up all literary ladies of the Net--join up! They have an Internet division for their Front Page Awards dinner too!

A Stella Opening

If you haven't seen the Frank Stella exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (including his sculptures on the rooftop garden), I recommend a visit. The large and often colorful pieces are intermingled with large natural wood and metal sculptures and challenge our ideas of houses and places to reflect. Having to wander through the new Greek and Roman Galleries to the opening night event, on Monday, April 30th, was a treat as well. Of course, as you'll see from my photos, I was a little more fascinated by the very serious French busts!

A Bike, A Bell and A Buddha

Heading Westward (from the Lower East Side) to NYC's Meat Market District, entrepreneur-turned-VC Marc Bell ( was hosting a *fab*ulous dinner party at the chichi Buddha Bar, also on Tuesday, May 15th. Ever the efficient New Yorker I rode my trusty bike over, but can you believe the lock wouldn't work so I had to turn around. Life always presents challenges and I think this night it was important for me to realize not to fight it!

Supernova's Networking

Supernova's tagline is a good call to all tech-dot-com-Internet-emerging businesses: "Be challenged. Be provocative. Be productive." It's over 10 years since our world was challenged, provocative and productive. I think we're heading into a new phase of that, as does Mark Stalhman who was expounding on the 7-year cycle of things at the Supernova NYC cocktail reception on Tuesday, May 15th at the Gallery Bar on Orchard Street. Whilst talking with Tristan Louis, he explained how many cycles he's actually been a part of; let's just say he's seen it all and probably done it all! As we chatted, Social Media Club's Howard Greenstein snapped a photo and behind us were Connie Connors, Daphne Kis and Isabel Walcott Hillborn.

Greeting guests as they arrived were Supernova's Kevin Werbach who I immediately got a pic with. As I ventured forth for what was a quick round I passed Stephanie Agresta, Right Media's Jodie Kahn and MediaKat/Journalist Katherine Heires. There are a lot more snaps online so check out all the other fabulous people (like's Nate Westheimer). Oh. And you can find out more about Supernova at:

Friday, May 11, 2007

"Cocktails with Courtney"

"Cocktails with Courtney"
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at MyBefana (116 West Houston St. btwn Thompson and Sullivan). 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Rsvp:"Yes, Rsvping"


Occasionally I tap into my network to help qualified people find a job. Today I've got several compelling opportunities for the right person. I'm looking for a great web designer who can support the marketing department at a major media company and create ads and marketing materials. Furthermore, I have some interesting interactive sales opportunities lately - an Eastern Sales Director, a Strategic Sales Director and a Regional Sales Manager. More details on all of these jobs can be found at If you are interested in any of the positions, please email kelliott at and put "referred by Courtney Pulitzer" in the subject line. Thanks and good luck to you!

NY Business Networking! On Espresso!

Thursday, May 10th was a bevy of networking opportunities and it started off early at the New York Business Connection networking event at the New York Bar Association. I met some savvy networkers and based on the level of professionalism I definitely would attend their events again. First, appropriately, I met Beth Phillips who has her own firm consulting others on career transitions and development. Appropriate in that yes, I am looking for some new digs to hang my hat during the days. (If you hear of anything--let me know!) New York Commercial Collections, Inc. president Manny Kyriannis, New England Financial representative Gerald Silberman and KLEAR Electrical Corp's Ira Ketive were all pleasant and friendly as we worked the room. Invited by David Leffler, fellow seasoned networker Bernardo Joselevich and I laughed as I tried to get to one of the desirable croissants in as graceful way possible. David also introduced us to Hit Show Club president Eric Rock. Before heading out I had the fortune of also meeting Sun Communications Group's Paramjit Mahli who was certainly in her element as she organizes networking events for lawyers!

An Expedia-itious Morning!

Well you never know what's going to happen in a day and just after I finished parking my bike Wednesday morning, May 9th, my eye caught the snazzy and jazzy sights and sounds of the Expedia suitcase team. There before my big blue eyes were nearly a bakers dozen of slim attractive men in bright yellow and blue uniforms, sporting Aviators and slicked back hair. And then their dance routine began! Oh my! What a breakfast treat! And then, to add to my amusement and amazement they were looking for volunteers to help sing the jingle. Well, dear readers, you know me--never one to shy away from helping another promote a worthy cause! (And I do love traveling!), so perhaps you'll see me chiming in on one of these days. If you do--let me know!

Grimm Tales in the Marines

Lawyers David Leffler and Jennifer Rose recently blogged about a Chicago legal case where a high school boy, Allen Lee, was brought up on criminal charges for writing a paper in his creative writing class that contained a number of violent references. This had repercussions beyond school as well, as the Marine Corps has discharged Allen from his contract, ending his career with the Marines before it ever began.

To kick off their campaign to highlight the absurdity of it all they're asking people to quote what would today likely be controversial language from a classic piece of literature, and post it on their blogs, or if you don't have a blog, leave a comment. For his first contribution, David included a quote from Grimm's Fairy Tales!

For Dogs Only

Unfortunately my dog is fixed, but for anyone who hasn't yet, this item was brought to my attention, and might come in use. Just remember it's "dogs only!"

Calling all WildCats! NYU Reunion

Calling all NYUers!!! It's that time again. Graduations and reunions and this weekend is NYU's reunion. And I know there are a lot of ITPers on this list, so dust off your suit coat (or not) and come to the festivities. Here's the site with all the information:

Among the many exciting events, you can join fellow NYU alumni and members of the Entertainment, Media and Technology industries for a panel discussion on the trend towards digital media and its effect on the music industry. Panelists for the event include: Chris Barron, Recording Artist and Lead Singer of The Spin Doctors; Steve Masur, Esq., Managing Partner for MasurLaw; Rob Weitzner, VP, Business Development, IODA (Independent Online Distribution Alliance) and Adam Zelinka (BMUS '01), Founder, Fanatical Marketing - a boutique entertainment consulting agency. Catherine Moore, Director of the Music Business Graduate Program, NYU Steinhardt School, will moderate. Hosted by the EMT Committee of the NYU Stern Alumni Council. Schimmel Auditorium, Tisch Hall, Lower Level. 40 West 4th Street. 11:15 AM-1:15 PM

And then I'll see you at the Saturday night gala at the Grand Hyatt Grand Central Empire Ballroom Start the evening at a cocktail reception with alumni from your decade, follow it with a scrumptious gourmet dinner, and then dance to the lively music of The Stingers. This year we're celebrating the reunion classes of '02, '97, '92, '87, '82, '77, '72, '67, '62, '57, '52, and '47! Cost: $100 per person ($65 per person for classes of 1996-2006)

Hope you can make it. It would be great to see some folks there!