Friday, April 27, 2007

Venture Architect's ToggleToolbar

Venture Architects Labs, a new division of Venture Architects released their first product -- ToolbarToggle. Venture Architects LLC managing director Melissa E. Krinzman writes that "Office 2007 has replaced the toolbar and menu system for Word, Excel and PowerPoint with a new user interface called the Ribbon. While there are many benefits to the Ribbon, there are also some drawbacks - namely that Office 2007 users must learn a new navigational system for all the functions performed in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. ToolbarToggle is a utility for Microsoft Office 2007 that enables users to insert the Office 2003 toolbar and menu system into the Ribbon environment and toggle between the two navigation systems. Visit to learn more.

RiverWired's Cris Popenoe has launched, their new website for green and eco living. This online community is exclusively for people interested in living green and helping the environment. Don't forget to set up a profile with an About Me page, start a blog or your upload photos and videos. You can also create a group around a topic you're passionate about. It can be for family and friends only, or you can make it public for everyone to join and share.

Wucker A World Class "Fellow"

Congratulations to World Policy Institute Senior Fellow Michele Wucker (, who has been named a 2007 Guggenheim Fellow and will be pursuing further research and writing on "Evolving views of citizenship, belonging, and exclusion."

Cocktails at the Hotel du Louvre (Laisser Le Lasso...)

The swanky Hotel du Louvre was the spot to be on Saturday, April 7th as Emmanuel Joubeaud and I joined our good mutual friend Victor Le Broussois for a delicious rack-of-lamb dinner. Victor was the original Cyber Scene Parisian correspondent and host of the Cannes "Cocktails with Courtney" in February 2001. Victor's now running development for Country Corner.
We were joined by Plazastyle's Asumi Ando and her friend who were scouting out "all-things Paris" for their next window displays and catalog. Last month was "New York!" as they sipped Louis Roederer Cristal ( Victor generously provided some useful phrases for the girls to throw around during their week-long sojourn.

LA Sneaker Signing in Paris

From the opposite end of the spectrum (and opposite end of the other coast) was a poster and sneaker signing party with an LA-based skateboarding superstar on Thursday, April 12th at the Sneaker Shop near the Chatelet Metro. In addition to hanging out at the café next door with graphic artist extraordinaire Emmanuel Joubeaud and his two friends I got a glimpse into Parisian life. Friends and friends-of-friends and boyfriends and more friends from other far-flung places (like Australia) as they went from sipping sodas to sipping complimentary champagne at the soiree in the store next door.

Red Herring à Paris

You know the saying about bees and honey, well, I have a knack to snoodle out networking events wherever I seem to be and while indulging in an entirely relaxing week in Paris I managed to work in two events. At opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of content and audience they were a great peek into the Parisian scene.

Red Herring held a networking event that brought out venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to mix and mingle, munch on fine Asian seafood hors d'oeuvres and imbibe in a full(bodied) red-wine open bar on Wednesday, April 11th. I got to practice mon Français avec Eyeka ceo co-founder Franck Perrier and Atlas Ventures Fred Destin. Ballou PR president Colette Ballou Lamotte worked her magical PR and networking skills and introduced me to co- Digicompanion co-founder & CEO Jean-Marc Holder and Red Herring VP-EMEA Farley Duvall. I also got to chat with many members of her company including Ballou PR Director of Biotechnology Christina Aplington and LD&A Directeur General Marc Deschamps. Ballou PR co-gereant Lucie-Anne Radimsky chatted with me and newly transplanted Microsoft's Aaron Painter about our favorite places and things to do in Paris. Les Photos

Twittering Away

Sadly I have been twittering away my days here --> If you're bored at work, you can twitter too.

Working Mother walks for America

If you're free this Sunday, come out and join Working Mother Media CEO and Founder Carol Evans and her team for WalkAmerica. She'll be there all decked out in her new Dr. Scholl's shoes (they donate for every pair sold) and ready to walk the whole route to protect babies from the dangerous, life threatening effects of premature birth. If you haven't yet, please take a minute to click on and send any amount. Every Dime counts! It is your collective generosity that will save babies, and help all pre-moms to get their Nine Months.

Cocktails with Courtney ~ April 2007

This month's "Cocktails with Courtney" was a most excellent affair of assorted characters and much hilarity at The District restaurant on 46th Street in NYC on Wednesday, April 25th. Morgan Communications' Dan Hall sipped his Makers Mark and watched as I scarfed down some mini-burgers. The rain didn't keep Business Strategy Consultant Jennifer Grant and Media Genesis John Joseph Bachir away. When's Christine Cronin and CantaloupeProductions.Com's Ellen Azorin showed up there was a massive card-exchange. After more burgers (not mine this time) we made some videos with my amazing camera and discussed sundry topics like generational slang and if girls are "dudes" too. For more enlightening conversation, come join us at the next one on Wednesday, May 30th! Les Photos!

Cyber Scene Intro ~ April 27, 2007

Greetings Cyber-Scene-sters! Apologies in advance for this what will be probably a stream of consciousness diatribe... Today I'm wearing my new favorite shirt and it never ceases to amaze me how sometimes just one article of clothing can affect my attitude in such a positive direction. Of course, sitting here typing this and listening to music that is also feeding my soul helps me stay in ''music video'' happy-typing mode so I may complete this edition in a slightly timely fashion...Okay. Onwards!