Friday, March 24, 2000

The Cyber Scene in Dallas ~ by Gregg Wetterman

What a crazy week

The third week of each month in North Texas is always busy. Most of the professional Internet and technical groups have a night staked out for meetings, but this week has been busier than normal.

Monday - The Internet Tax Conference brought their road show to Dallas and with all the press and leaders in town it seemed that everyone was having a press conference to express their opinions. I had breakfast with David Young a Director at Trilogy, Patrick Ryan the CEO of the Texas Chamber of Electronic Commerce, Scott McCollough the lead Counsel of the Texas ISP association and Andy McKinnon of before the press conference I was attending. FYI- The Eggs Benedict at the Fairmont may be the best in Texas.

The Internet Tax commission could not even agree on what to disagree about, but that was not a big surprise to anyone paying attention. Everyone knew each other’s opinion before the conference started and the possibility of having a vote with a two-thirds majority on any issue was never a possibility. So the tax issue will be fought on another day.

Tuesday  TIE Net had their monthly “Happy Hour” for founders and principals of local E-COM’s at St. Pete’s Blue Marlin in Deep Ellum. Laura Kelso a co-founder of was the hostess.  About 50 people showed up for the gathering of minds. Talked to Chris Seifert the founder of about their plans for the future. Had a great time talking shop with Paige Dawson the director of marketing and co-founder of So many great minds and ideas and there is never enough time to talk to everyone.

Wednesday – The Dallas Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Association ( was as entertaining as always. Neil Conklin and Sheryl Gatto of have a way of lighting up the room and turning a meeting into party. A packed house filled Club Corp’s La Cima club as Kim Martin of and Ellen Trammell of did presentations on “online customer acquisition”.  Macromedia’s local E-Biz team sponsored this month’s festivities. The DFWIMA meetings are a paradise for networking. I had a chance to speak to Lee Blaylock the CEO and Lydia Chase the Director of Interactive Marketing of Shelly Logan of is always worth finding in the crowd. Trista Collier, the president of the local AMA, and I talked about the Pinnacle awards her group has each year. If you have not nominated your company or another worthy group you only have until March 31st. 

Thursday – I had lunch with Jeff Bounds, the tech writer for the Dallas Business Journal and Baron Aldrine the biz dev king of CB Richard Ellis Real Estate Dallas office. We spent the whole lunch discussing the Internet boom in Dallas. Baron may know more about who is who in the Dallas Internet sector than anyone I know and he is not even in the biz.

Thursday afternoon and night we will be at Scient's E-Brief and Party, followed by the Dallas Internet Society meeting. Friday we will be at Marianne Radwan’s  (Director of Marketing and PR for the Dallas office of Sevin Rosen) “Happy Hour”.  So many events so little time and only two legs to get you there, but I am “Having the time of my life.”