Thursday, March 09, 2000

Balancing their act

After a kiss-kiss goodbye to chums I headed over to The Industry Standard's premier quarterly Rooftop gathering in NYC. I'm sure all you sunny EssEffers appreciate these regular events, and now your East Coast counterparts can partake in such festivities too. I chatted with the swoon-some Pres & CEO John Battalle, who told me of the plans for parties in LA and London. David Friedensohn of BigStar, Jessica Goldfarb of Roz Goldfarb Associates and Jim Hoffman (Mr. Foot) of Bigfoot Interactive came to schmooze and sample dim sum, pastelly-colored sake and muse over the skyline. Dean Margolis said "Hello" and passed along that after founding and CEO-ing Comet Systems, he's recently joined LivePerson as COO.
What many EssEffers have been enjoying for some time now, some New Yorkers just began to savor when The Industry Standard launched their Rooftop party series in New York this Thursday, March 9th at the Tribeca Rooftop (nb. it wasn't really a rooftop, but soon enough our weather will warrant it). President and CEO John Battale was duly holding court and introduced me to Michael Connor of Informed Sources, Ron Kops (a board member) and Jane Washburn of Broadview (one of their first advertisers). Johnathan Weber, Managing Editor of The Industry Standard, and Jay Chiat, CEO of Screaming Media were among the glittery digerati.
Plenty of tapped in trendy Silicon Alley folks came to partake in the pastel-colored sake, dim sum and sushi bar. Jessica Goldfarb of Roz Goldfarb & Associates, MSNBC's Lisa Napoli and Omar Wasow, Michael Teitelbaum and Jim Hoffman of were among the hundreds of guests. I chatted for a bit with David Friedensohn--who told me his firm is up to 106 people now--and Lindsey Jack of and Diane Brady of Business Week introduced me to Lorne Manly of Powerful Media. There was a powerful presence from Powerful Media--I also chatted with Andrew Gelman and a few of his co-workers as well. Dean Margolis told me he's now COO of LivePerson after founding and CEO-ing Comet Systems. Michael Gorman of L90 introduced himself to me and as Jim Leynse of Talk magazine took pics, I filled him in on names.