Thursday, March 09, 2000

Floating on Marzipan Hockey Pucks

Plenty of live people shimmying in leopard skirts on the blue-lit banquettes at Siegel & Gale event's at Float. Writer Joelle Klein batted beautiful purple-sparkly eyelids as the smoke machine pumped instant ethereality onto the dance floor where Jason Wurtzel (Icon-Nicholson) once again wowed me with his ultra-hipster dance moves. Meanwhile, back near the bar I met Kamron Hinatsu and Scott Ettin of Black Logic, David Montoya (SAVP) and Mike Rondelli and Jed Freifeld of Iron Street Labs talking with Bob Ponce, who just came from one of the largest WWWAC group meetings ever!
"You came at the perfectly perfect time!" exclaimed Andrew Zolli of Siegel and Gale, "everyone's inside!" How fabulous! Inside video screens showed their recent accomplishments and missions, laser lights beamed directionally all around and the crowd was dancing! Jason Wurtzel of Icon-Nicholson, in one of the longest bushiest Afro's I've seen in a long time, once again showed his skill resides not just in being a top designer of rich websites, but also is one of Silicon Alley's best dancers. Women in leopard skirts shimmied with men in cords atop blue-lit plexiglass banquettes. Joelle Klein of The New York Times was looking pretty and glittery with purple-glittery eyeshadow to offset her look. Kal Liebowitz of KSL Media told me his company does all the media for Siegel & Gale and their clients. I headed downstairs past waiters offering sorbets and ice cream to see Scott Ettin of Black Logic. He introduced me to Kamron Hinatsu of Black Logic and Yuno Sakurai of Oxygen. Bob Ponce in turn introduced me to Ari Soroken of Telemedia Accelerator, David Montoya of SAVP and Mike Rondelli and Jed Freifeld of Iron Street Labs. Everywhere I turned I was presented with a tray of white silver dollar sized cakes. However, by the end of the evening, these marzipan-coated little yummies took on a characteristic of nightmare elements. Just before escaping this dreamy nightmare I ran into Gitte Petersen of Proximity who had just come from a book signing party.