Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Box 147

Box 147? Right this way, Ma'am. Almost 100 years ago this woman would've been escorted downstairs to a room lined with shiny solid brass security boxes. Today, this former bank (and residence of JP Morgan) is one of the newest members to the quickly expanding club of renovated buildings in the financial district. The vaults still have their massive doors, but now are lined with wine bottles and now act as private dining rooms. The bar is made of original wood from the bank's executive offices and the apartments upstairs may just house the next "dot-com JP Morgan." While this night, Tuesday, March 28th, there wasn't an Internet crowd, there were plenty of party planners and restaurant associated professionals who will soon enough be planning them for this fabulous marble and stoical space.

Jason Largever and Susan Andersen of 55 Broad Street were mingling with the other guests, and have definite plans to take advantage of the close proximity of Vine, at 25 Broad Street. Delectable hors d'oeuvres like Peking Duck pizzas, truffle risotto, spicy tuna sushi, spring rolls and caviar sprung off the trays as fast as they came out of the kitchen. No surprise since Chef John Tesar (of 13 Barrow infamy) is the master behind the meals. Kathy Reilly, Internet society player and a friend of the owners introduced me to Julie Menin, president of Vine. Julie gave us a tour of the upstairs restaurant, which also was understated and elegant. As much as the trendy, classic, nouveau space and cuisine kept me, other parties lured me out. My buddy for the night, Phil Rosenbaum of CNN, and I hailed a taxi and proceeded on to the next one.