Monday, March 13, 2000

Grrls Night Out

Without a break in momentum, the partying continued on at Her Domain's Mixer and Internet Industry Roast at Club De Ville on Monday night. Donna Kidwell was fluttering around in sponsor wings with one of her darling children in tow, and the crowd was settling in for Heather Gold's ( Internet Industry Roast. She, and some other Internetters-with-an-opinion including Betty Ray and Thomas Scoville, sounded off about buzz-words and trends. Heather Champ ( stood in the back with friends to listen and laugh as they enjoyed the fine spring night.

Just up the street, at the Red Eyed Fly, Chick Click and Smile And Act Night co-sponsored a big bash for all their friends. Some Chicks were hollering out names of raffle winners as a band warmed up inside. Hugh Forrest, SXSW Interactive Festival Director, and I chatted for a bit. Adam Powell, Molly Steenson and Jim Butler and I chatted for a while and then my dogs started barkin' so I had to head back to my luxurious room in the Driskill for a light repast and nightcap!