Thursday, March 02, 2000

High stepping and sweet supping

Mardi Gras beads were strewn around the necks of young swingers kicking up their heels and shaking out tensions at the eLingo party in the Supper Club on Thursday, March 2. I met Ian Maher and Matt Webb of Creative Edge, who came into town from Sydney for the Jupiter conference. Energetic Michael Terpin came over and said hello, told me about his whirlwind schedule and introduced me to Chris Arsenault of Telesystem Ltd. Observing the wild dancing I chatted with Andrew Lawrence of Jupiter, who filled me in a bit on this conference and its highlights. Upstairs, after sneaking in a bit of peach cobbler, I chatted with Jeremy Dill and Eitai Tabari of AdForce, which was bought by CMGi a month ago. also caught up with Bernard Warner of The Industry Standard introduced me to Jeffrey O'Brien, a senior editor of Wired, and Evan Cohen, VP and Senior Analyst at Jupiter (with a smashingly fancy and tactile new biz card). Evan told me about Bill Gross's keynote with Jupiter and how this man, who's been in the industry longer than most of us, showed no signs of jadedness or tiredness. He was electrifying and exciting!