Thursday, March 16, 2000

A real studio opening

It was 1995 and I was busy coding away on the Cigar World website. Just down the hall from me were two lively web-producers. One was a tall lanky man with thick black glasses and a penchant for great design. The other was a witty waifish wonder who could crank out the smoothest strategy for a site. After the company disbanded, Lorraine joined Steve's consulting company, Imaginary Studio, and the two have developed Web sites for companies that win awards from the industry and loyalty from their clients.

Thursday, March 16th, they opened the doors to their new loft office and welcomed friends and family as they showed off the newest version of their site. Steve is still tall and slender, but his glasses were green now, and a black suit replaced his T-shirt and jeans. Lorraine is still as lovely as ever, but every now and then her slender fingers flashed a sparkly engagement ring and wedding band. I chatted for a bit with Pat James Longo, who did the illustrations for their website and met Stephen Troy and David Kohn (CBS). Steve's father snapped Polaroids with his flashy I-Zone camera and as guests came and went, good cheer overflowed into the discussions of the bathtub conference table.