Monday, April 28, 2008

Nada Online

I haven't had internet or home phone service in about a week. And I won't have it perhaps until after May 5th. Welcome to the Digital Age in France! Oh my! It's really quite a shock, coming from digitally-equipped-to-the-rafters NYC and USA to find out that in France, well, technology (and the corresponding customer-service) are still a bit in the "Moyen Age." Even more amazing is to find out that the reason why my entire "arrondisement" (neighborhood) was without service for the weekend was because people are still stealing the copper wires inside the cables because the copper is worth more (than the need for connectivity apparently).

Cocktails With Courtney

Cocktails with Courtney on March 26th at Café Bennett was an illustrious event with a wide range of professionals in attendance. Jewelry designer Shauna Giesbrecht brought Career Transitions coach Kim Sumner. Pediatrician Andrea Andrea McCullough-Hlobik and her husband (ground-breaking) surgeon Kyle and their friend from Argentina stopped in for a prolonged stay and encouraged me to order dinner too! Journalist Amy Kraft stopped by before flying off to make New York City her new home. The next one is tomorrow so, once again, stay tuned for a quick recap!