Sunday, March 12, 2000

The Cyber Scene in Dallas ~ David "Gregg" Wetterman

A Launch Party....Dallas Style!

On Sunday March 12th the only unhappy people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Internet Community were the ones that missed the launch party. Lee Blaylock, the CEO of ServiceLane, and his people treated the E-Com community to the Granddaddy of all parties at Deep Ellum Center for the Arts. The party was to celebrate changing its name to The DECA was completely full of local Net heads eating, drinking, and networking. The food was wonderful, the bartenders plentiful, and the music was as good as it gets. Johnny Reno and the Lounge Kings usually don’t have a problem getting people on the dance floor, but on this night there were too many new faces to meet.

(David "Gregg" Wetterman is with the President of the Dallas Internet Society - / Founder -