Thursday, March 16, 2000

A World-wind Beenz tour!

Celebrating their first anniversary and global expansion in high Mardi-Gras style, had one party a night for a week in a different city. Nicolas De Santis, Co-founder and CMO, didn't look any worse for the wear, considering he'd been in Sydney, Hong Kong and London so far. This night, March 16th, he was in New York and Friday, he would be in San Francisco for the final party. I also chatted for a bit with Chairman and CEO Philip Letts, Donald McGuire of Ing Barings and VP, Corporate Communications Glenn Jasper. David Jarashow of was convinced I should speak with him, and other guests with as many beads they could string around their necks were jumpin' and jivin' to 80's disco. I chatted with attorney Anthony Jones and CSFB debt capital market-er Jeffrey Warren along with Jessica Jones of Beenz. King cakes, gumbo, jambalaya and corn bread all tempted the guests that weren't exchanging dance-steps or business cards. Happy Birthday Beenz! Many more magical years to you!