Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OpenID vs. ClaimID

Another question on my mind: what's the real value of using ClaimID? It seems like just another application I have to use to add to sites, log-ins, etc...

The beginning of the freeing of Courtney!

So I am finally getting in front of a computer, looking at "new" technology (some of which is old hat to all you cyber-savvy folks... and I know saying "cyber savvy" is old!)... What's the best way to display/show off photographic galleries on the web? Flock? I can't use Flickr out of loyalty to my friends at Fotki... working on getting the Courtney voice out there in as many new ways as I feel comfortable... so, as usual, "stay tuned."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Holidays

Welcome cyber-surfers!
Summer's lazy days are seen everywhere as people drop off like flies heading into their well-deserved vacations. I'm doing more personal reflecting and a change in direction of my writing and creative output. More on this soon, I hope.
Until the Fall,