Thursday, March 02, 2000

It's all about attitude

Four parties a night I'm still raring to go! Although, not everyone I meet is stil so upbeat. For instance, the SAR 100 party in the pale space in the Altman building on Thursday, March 2, sponsored by the good folks at iXL, Snickleways, Studley, NYToday, contained some of the 100 "celebrities." Most that I saw would've rather been elsewhere. Other conference attendees held that glassy, blasé stare as they waited in the mind-numbing line for a drink. Interest and eyes perked up, however, when they got close to the food buffets, which were more gourmet than I've seen in a while. Seared tuna, caviar and salmon in waffle cone crepes and a raw bar!

Some folks who were refreshing to speak with were Marc Jeffrey and Matthew Burgess of, Robert Smith (aka "Fixer") of The Market Channel and Ryan Magnussen of Zentropy Partners. They came out from LA to hang with Alley friends and associates like Paul Taormino of InfoSpace. It was nice to catch  up with them as I headed out, and ran into Bob Ponce, who's giving a nod to more SIGs for the WWWAC and continuing in his Silicon Alley Station webcasts.