Thursday, March 09, 2000

Renee Edelman's lovely house party

Opening up her lovely home to a select group of friends, Renee Edelman of PR21 invited industry acquaintances to feast and socialize in her sweet home. Rose-colored flowers adorned the rooms, the print on the sofas and offset other elegant and pretty appointments. Downstairs Jack Powers of International Informatics Institute was chatting with Renee, Margaret Loeb of McKinsey & Company and Kate Berg of Jupiter Communications. I met Geoffrey Lewis, the new managing editor of The (formerly of Business Week) and writer Anne Field. Meanwhile, a flock of new media birds nested in Renee's comfortable sitting area of her upstairs chambers. There perched and lounging about were Robert Levitan of Flooz, Chip Austin of I-Hatch, Andy Sernovitz of GasPedal Ventures and his wife, Jessica Kleinman of The Knot, Aliza Sherman and Lisa Boyne of
And what, pray tell was discussed in this brain trust? Ahhhhh! We were sworn to secrecy! In any case, it was a delightfully quiet way to end a night that began with a frenzy!