Friday, August 06, 2004

Courtney Pulitzer's Cyber Scene ~ 8/6/04

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If some of you remember, James Sosnicky's blog-before-they-were-called-blogs, then you'll be excited to hear he's back at writing about his life experiences. This time it's at, since he's been serving our country in Baghdad since May 2003. James has an interesting history...was born in Baltimore, Maryland, grew up in Virginia, California, and Colorado and went to school at West Point and Hertford College, Oxford (MBA).

Militarily, he's been a tank platoon leader in the 1st Infantry Division and now been on active duty in the Middle East ever since.  In January 2004, he was awarded the Bronze Star for his service. As a civilian, he's worked as a country music disc jockey in Frederick, Maryland and for The New York Times and The Village Voice in New York City. See all his witty, worldly, wonderful writings at:,, or email him at:

"Lovesounds," that's how musical marvel Christoph Nahrholdt closes his emails. And it's an appropriate closure for someone who's so full of Life, Happiness, Peace, Joy and Love. He and his musical creations radiate a glow that's infectious. I was "infected" two weeks ago when MindArrays' Tery Spataro hosted a lovely intimate concert at the lovely Irish restaurant Druids in Hells Kitchen on July 23rd.

While he usually performs on a piano, this night his choice accompanying musical instrument was the accordion. The accordion is my new favorite instrument! Christoph's love songs were enchanting and this was just the first stop on his National Tour. Other stops include Minnesota, Arkansas and Oregon. To find out if he'll be in a town near you, email him at:

[PS. This is the same Christoph who also worked at Bertlesman during "the day," in case you were wondering.] See all the fabulous wacky photos of Christoph, Tey, systems BMOC Manos Megagiannis (, comedian Gary Welz, artist and poet Pam Riding and savvy consultant Hsiaoping Jao at:

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Sometimes it's nice to have friends in the entertainment business, and sometimes you just get lucky.... Four "lucky" recipients of some free tickets to a comedy show on Wednesday, July 28th at the Laugh Lounge on Essex Street included yours truly, Tery Spataro, Lydia Sugarman and "Trend-setter" George (guys – the new thing is flip-flops with your suit, no kidding!)

I say "lucky" in quotes because the show we witnessed was a raunchy riot. We were front and center and two of us got picked on! It was the Greg Wilson's Stand-up|SMACKDOWN!—a comedy battle between four comedians. They were all funny (with the exception of one who really just looked completely lost on stage), but they were all, also obsessed with a particular part of the male anatomy and the attractions and frustrations with the female sex. (Oops, did I say "sex?")

Two "heavyweights" were "Doomsday" Dan Naturman and Buddy "The Iceman" Bolton. For future show, check out:

Seeking investors? Well, beware their investment doesn't go sour. The Dow Jones reported that Actress Nancy Stafford Myers recently won $274,000 in an arbitration case against Janney Montgomery Scott LLC for investing her money in stocks, bonds and loans to an Israeli startup that went belly-up.

TAKE ACTION: The Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc's Co-Founder and Coordinator is now in a DC jail serving a SIX MONTHS sentence. This was handed down on June 28, 2004 by DC Superior Court Judge Brian F. Holeman on a "Disruption of Congress" charge, in flagrant violation of her First Amendment rights, so as to prevent her from exposing judicial corruption.

The Court imposed this harsh sentence upon her, unprecedented in any free speech case and contrary to the recommendations of the US Attorney and Court Probation Services that there be NO jail time. Equally unprecedented and even more vindictively, it ordered the sentence to commence "forthwith," denying a stay pending her appeal and setting no bail.

CJA seeks supporters to organize a national protest and a volunteer army to pull it through this inconceivable crisis. Mail to Elena Sassower: Inmate #301-340, CTF, 1901 E Street SE, Washington DC 20003, cc e-mail to CJA.