Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Tenagra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence

The Tenagra Awards for Internet Marketing Excellence on Tuesday,
 April 27th, drew a glittery digerati crowd. These awards are the
 Internet marketing industry's oldest peer-review awards program
 where a panel of leading Internet marketing experts recognize
 achievements each year that have made a fundamental impact on the
 way marketing, public relations, and advertising are done on the
 Internet. K2 Design won but Tom Hespos only had the box with him
 (at the Doubleclick party later that night) as the creative director ran
 off with it -- most likely to show friends and family. Steve Nesle,
 executive creative director at Modem Media.PoppeTyson said the
 "design is elegant and works because it keeps the focus on the
 message." I had a chance to speak with Steve Roth, co-founder
 Thunder Lizard, and more than 500 attendees also got to witness the
 ClickZ challenge, where K2, Beyond Interactive, Lot 21 and BBDO
 developed campaigns to generate online contributions for the Doug
 Flutie Jr. Foundation, which benefits autism awareness and research,
 and names for the Flutie Foundation mailing list. The agency that
 produces the best results, as measured by the AdKnowledge System,
 will win the grand prize. Lee Wright's panel revealed results from their
 1999 national benchmark study on Client Satisfaction with Interactive
 Services Firms. It's due out May 17th and you can find out more.