Friday, April 16, 1999

Upcoming Events ~ 4/16/99

While you've all heard about iVillage and how rich its web site is, not many people have seen my personal review of it on the Metro Channels' "MetroByte" show! Check it out on Monday, April 26th from 8 -9 PM.

"Branding, broadband, advetising and technobabble! It seems every time I turn around there's another conference in town -- or out of town! But I've had my eye on Thunder Lizards' Web Advertising '99, which is coming to town on April 25-28th. What's nice about this event is that real meaty discussions on content and the future are discussed, it's not just the same round of speakers reciting their familiar jargon. There's still some room to sign up, and after attending four days of meaty topics -- stop by my cocktail party (on the 28th) to mull over all the tasty morsels!