Wednesday, April 14, 1999

UJA Technology and New Media group spring cocktail party

At a delightful spring cocktail party for the UJA Technology and New Media group on April 14th, created an opportunity guests to be educated on this group's activities and initiatives and to learn of other interesting companies. Misters Ed Horowitz (with Citigroup) and Steve Erhlich (of IBM, global sports segment manager) spoke of their companies and the benefits of being associated with UJA and this group. Virginia Cruickshank, SVP of FEGS, told us of a Career Vector System her company launched yesterday, which helps assess which job is right for you, based on your interests and skills. This Internet-based comprehensive, data-gathering, exploration, and recommendation tool even helps find compatible jobs for people with no reading skills. Under the direction of the energetic committee organizers this group will go far.