Friday, April 09, 1999

Bits & Bytes -and- Shakers & Stirrers 4/9/99

404Found, a French web management company won a prize for the "Best Creative Ad Campaign" in a "French Chic Pavillon" on the Champs Elysées on April 8th. The contest was sponsored by Strategies, an "AdAge"-like publication, Excite and RealMedia. 404Found is also in NYC and they specialize in e-traffic expertise from keyword positioning, link management strategy, online advertising campaigns, targeted e-mailing and web goodies. Romain Achard, a French "NY NoEnder," and a friend of Steven Warren, wrote in that, at the event, he met Kate Everett Thorp, the CEO of Lot21 among many other interesting people.

Guess what?! Another virtual community is going offline! The WebSanDiego mailing list is having their first official "Happy Hour" in downtown San Diego at the Bitter End (home of the famous Black Martini!). They're getting together to celebrate the formation of their "little group of ne'er do-wells to complain loudly about the horrible burden of tax time, clients and designing for twenty different flavors of Netscrape and Internet Exploder, 28.8 modems, 216 colors and AOL 3.0! For cryin' out loud!!!" Check the invite for the final date and time

Various e-mail lists around the 'Net had been circulating the announcement that the head of just resigned. Jamie Zawinski was one of the first Netscape employees and he shares, among many thoughts, his open source, open resignation letter: Excerpts include: "We changed the world. But we did that in 1994 and 1995. What we did from 1996 through 1999 was coast along, riding the wave caused by what we did before." "Netscape was shipping garbage, and shipping it late." And his prediction concerning open source: "Open source does work, but it is most definitely not a panacea. If there's a cautionary tale here, it is that you can't take a dying project, sprinkle it with the magic pixie dust of "open source,'' and have everything magically work out. Software is hard. The issues aren't that simple.

Bogen PR, the New York based public relations firm, has been named the agency of record for is an online real estate service offering unique leasing options for large and small businesses. has created the first nationwide Internet database for shared office space. will service businesses looking to lease part of their office space and small businesses searching for additional and affordable spaces.

The Let's Talk Business Network (LTBN) group keeps expanding! They just inked a deal with entrepreneurial veteran Jon Lowder to bring LTBN to Washington DC. The Grand Opening is set for Wednesday April 21,1999 at the Marymount University-Ballston Campus Conference Center in Arlington, Virginia from 6pm to 9pm.

Mark Josephson has left PR agency Cone Interactive to work with his client,, in business development.

Ellen Ullman has moved into the exciting role of Senior Associate Editor, in charge of the Keeping Pace section, at FamilyPC magazine. She was formerly News Editor at Small Business Computing. Her new e-mail, after 4/19, will be

Jonathan Perkel, corporate cyber-lawyer, recently linked up with NYNMA sponsor and prominent Silicon Alley law firm, Morrison & Foerster. Jonathan will continue to represent companies both large and small pursuing success in the Internet arena.