Monday, April 12, 1999

Pulitzer Prizes announcement

On Monday, April 12th, the 83rd Pulitzer Prizes were announced by President George Rupp, president of Columbia University, which was founded by Joseph Pulitzer. Seymour Topping, re-elected administrator of the Prizes was on hand to field questions from the forty or so reporters who went up to Columbia's World Room (named after Joseph Pulitzer's NY-based publication). This year's announcement was unique in a few ways. This was the first year that the board sanctioned newspapers' submissions of online presentations, as supplements to print exhibits, in the Public Service category. The board also is open to the possibility of more on-line journalism inclusions as the medium develops. This year's announcement was also unique in that there was an audio webcast. Viewers of the on-line medium could hear the announcement instantly at the Freedom Forum's web site. You can see all the winners at: