Friday, April 02, 1999

BITS & BYTES -and- Shakers & Stirrers 4/2/99

CALLS TO ACTION: From e-mails from two sources (Austin and RTMARK), my attention has been brought to the Help B92 campaign, at, dedicated to keeping Yugoslavia's sole source of independent radio information operational. Please help in any way you can--financially or with publicity--at this crucial moment in the region's history.

ANONYMOUS E-MAILS FOR KOSOVO: Anonymizer, the leading and trusted provider of online
privacy services, today announced the launch of the Kosovo Privacy Project. While the Internet provides a means of bypassing attempts of censorship by Serbian authorities, it does put those at risk inside the region reporting
such information. Anonymizer has deployed its anonymous and secure e-mail and Web surfing services to ensure the protection of these informants from reprisal from Serbian officials through the Kosovo Privacy Project.

TORONTO: Year Zero One announced their affiliation with Cyberstage;, an online magazine of art, culture and technology. The Year Zero One & Cyberstage union will strengthen their goal to provide the community with an arts/technology network of in depth up-to-date information and resources. Year Zero One is a Toronto-based visual art site designed to offer an on-line venue for artists, galleries, and arts related organizations. Their site features a resource guide for artists, a forum of art related news and reviews, a directory of international and local on-line galleries and artist sites, a slide registry and a gallery showcasing web specific art.

ANTI-CORPORATE ACTIVISM: RTMARK, a clearinghouse for anti-corporate activism, announces its spring series of strategic initiatives directed against corporations and the carefully constructed corporate image. The series kicks off with the following projects "Extracted Celluloid," the "Deconstructing Beck" sequel and film music rip-off; the second annual USA Phone In Sick Day. The series will also feature four more projects, including a system for the theft and redistribution of commercialized video art ( In addition, RTMARK is unveiling a new section, "Hats Off to Clarity" (, which currently boasts Diesel's "sawing nude women to bits" ad campaign. The redesign of, another quarterly capstone, features a new project communication system, as well as "appropriations" of corporate websites (, as described at

AMAZON.COM AUCTIONS: Well now everybody's getting into it! is offering auction services where consumers can sell anything they want to on the Web site.

WEB SITE AUCTIONS: Thanks to Steven Warren ( for pointing out Phoenix Pop's auction of its old web site on Ebay. The SF web design shop has built a new website for themselves, and rather than taking down the old one and letting it gather dust, they decided to auction it off.

LPNYTHink, a design firm specializing in corporate identity, has hired Mickey Rogers as designer. Rogers most recently served as a desktop specialist for Bowne Business Solutions. Prior to this, Rogers freelanced for where he developed Web sites for Met Life and British Airways. Rogers earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics from Syracuse University. He is a published author, composer and animator.

Info River Valley now offers information on new job opportunities for some of their partners on their site. ( Partners can post staffing and project requirements for interns, contract or full time people and where people seeking such positions can post their resumes.