Saturday, April 17, 1999

BITS AND BYTES - 4/17/99

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 Larry Chase's Web Digest for Marketers popped up into my inbox --
 such a nice, well written, useful e-mail on marketing on the web!

 Urban Desires has launched a new feature based on the videos of
 Chris Cunningham. Cunningham is a very talented, questionably
 pessimistic man who has an affinity for electronic music. You can
 check out his videos for Squarepusher's "Come on My Selector" and
 Apehx Twin's "Come to Daddy" on Urban Desires. Read the
 interview and find out why Cunningham thinks films today are crap
 (and let us know if you agree). just launched a site that offers more than 1,500
 products, from amino acids to weight gainers at discounted prices.
 They also feature the latest information on training and workouts for
 the serious athlete. There is a shopping cart system where you can
 also choose delivery (including next day) and customers who make a
 $50 dollar purchase through June will receive a free
 T-shirt and the first thousand customers will receive a free sample of
 "effervescent Creatine." Customers can also set up their own "lockers"
 where they can store information about their workouts, their
 nutritional supplements and other data necessary to ensure a
 successful fitness program. An easy-to-use keyword search program
 allows customers to pinpoint each product along with prices and
 quantities. Several varieties of "custom kits" are tailored for specific
 fitness interests such as losing body fat and gaining muscle size;
 burning fat and losing weight; increasing energy and building
 endurance, and improving sexual performance.

 Niehaus Ryan Wong, Inc. (NRW), an Internet and technology public
 relations firms, announced plans to open an office in New York. The
 announcement is marked by the appointment of Laura Hamilton,
 formerly senior vice president of Corporate Communications and
 Investor Relations for Cendant Corporation, as managing director to
 head the New York office and further expand NRW's investor
 relations services. New York has a concentration of creatives --
 authors, playwrights, artists, and producers -- who've traditionally
 communicated through theater, media, publishing, and advertising,"
 said Ed Niehaus, president of NRW. "Leveraging the City's expertise,
 we believe that creative advances in Interactive/Internet content will
 come out of New York. We want to be the agency that helps these
 companies tell their stories to the world." "New York's global financial
 community is also a big draw for NRW," Niehaus explains. "New
 York is the financial epicenter of the world, so it is very important for
 us to help clients communicate with the New York financial
 community. Combining our West Coast office's strong ties to the Sand
 Hill Road investment community, we believe NRW is uniquely
 positioned to offer new forms of Investor Relations services to clients
 around the country." NRW plans to bring its expertise in relationship
 marketing and sustainable identity strategies eastward to a variety of
 East Coast companies. In particular, NRW will help emerging
 companies articulate their vision, position and voice in a crowded and
 competitive marketplace through its special trademarked service, the
 Architecture of Identity. In addition, NRW will offer BI-coastal
 communications services to its impressive range of clients including
 Yahoo!, Pixar, E-Loan, and Planet Rx. The Internet Foreign Currency
 Exchange, which was designed and developed by Octet
 (, won the Oxford Global Network the "American
 Venture Spring 1999 Award." (go to Award-winning listing (#630) -
 Internet Foreign Currency Exchange)