Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Doubleclick's "The Gallery of the Alley"

 Just before you fall into the river, there's a loft space that has lots of
 parties. It's very far west and on Tuesday, April 27th Doubleclick
 took advantage of the stunning views and vastland for their latest
 themed party "The Gallery of the Alley." All the striking photographs
 that were on display were taken by Paul Hunter, who works in
 Doubleclick's mailroom. Mark Stahlman and Debbie Newman
 (DejaNews), Jeff Heron (SCIO-Ltd.) and Manos Megagianis
 (Teknowledge) were milling about the suspended photographs. And
 Scott Heiferman was beaming as he announced he was going to
 confiscate the "American Gothic" imitation of Kevin O'Connor. The
 Ecom guys were there (we'd all been following each other around
 since breakfast), Brand Dialogue's David Israel and Kit Cody and
 Amy Shapiro were enjoying some of the yummy hot hors d'oeuvres
 and desserts that were getting passed around. Dynamic duo team
 Roger (CEO, LIFilm.com) and Marissa Raderman (Doubleclick and
 LIFilm) were there. These two are so hip and trendy I think someone
 should write into the Sony studios and tell Donny & Marie to watch
 out! Before I left I chatted a bit with Chip Austin and Bradford Farkas
 (Lazard Partners). Each photograph had a Silicon Alley professional
 attribute a quote to it and naturally, on eof the best quotes came from
 Doubleclick's CEO Kevin O'Connor -- "It's not about working harder,
 it's about dreaming bigger."