Saturday, April 10, 1999

Investment Expo in NYC

While many alley-ites were boarding planes to Los Angeles for Spring Internet World,
 those who stayed home had no shortage of net-worthy events. On Saturday, April 10,
 I popped into the NY Sheraton Towers for a quick spin around the Investment Expo
 exhibition hall with Michael Terpin of Internet Wire and The Terpin Group. It was a
 whirlwind, but worth it. Traders, day-traders, brokers, financial consultants, funds,
 industries, and a host of other attendees discussed hot topics related to their work
 during the two-day conference.

 Two of the companies that I stopped and chatted with were CyBerCorp and Raging
 Bull. CyBerCorp is based out of my newest favorite city, Austin, TX. The company is
 a "vertically integrated, electronic trading technology group" that provides real-time,
 stock trading technologies and lots of other goodies. Jonny White, CyBerCorp's
 product manager, was on hand to tell me a bit about the firm. Just down the row was
 Suzanne Schantz of Raging She had all sorts of info about this young
 company, founded by three 20-year-old, central New Jersey college students. The
 site's popular bulletin boards go beyond hot stock tips to cover politics, movies, sports
 and more). Raging Bull is also beginning to host events in Boston for its on-line
 community, because they recognize the value in the F2F aspect of this Web.

 From the Investment Expo to Flute, a nearby champagne bar, Michael and I popped in
 to talk about all the lightning-fast advancements of his ventures, and the history and the
 growth of the industry and community in LA, SF and NY.