Tuesday, April 27, 1999

The Breakfast Network

 Set in the elegant and pretty Bryant Park Grill, sun streamed in on
 tables set with branded coffee mugs, programs and invites. There
 were views of tall trees outside with budding leaves and inside platters
 of salmon and capers sat next to baskets of bagels, croissants and
 pastries. The Breakfast Network, a breakfast panel and networking
 opportunity started by Bogen PR, captured Jeffery Taylor, CEO of
 Monster.com, Jason Chervokas, Co-publisher of @NY and Richard
 Johnson, CEO Hotjobs to discuss the exciting topic of "Recruiting Top
 Talent On-line" on Tuesday, April 27th. Edmund Bogen of Bogen PR
 and Andrew Levy of LPNYTHink, the Breakfast Network's strategic
 partner for all materials and promotional items, deserve mucho kudos
 for hosting a fine morning affair. Over 130 early risers came out to
 hear the speakers and network, including Richard Frazer of Cowen
 Financials, who had to skedadle right away to Connecticut for a
 meeting. Ecom Advisors Sandeep Thrakar and butter knife-wielding
 Larry Pearl were schmoozin' near the door, as were Eric Gordon (The
 Globe), Bruce Strzelczyk (RAEisnor & Associates), Anna-Marie
 Vallone and Melissa Carnahan (Chase) and Jonathan Spira of The
 Basex Group.

 Edmund (Bogen PR) recognized Andrew Levy of LPNYTHink for
 taking it upon himself to create the look for Silicon Alley @ Work by
 designing a logo (downloadable from his site) in response to the slight
 NY took for not being mentioned in the "Business Week" article on
 top tech towns, Sam Albert, sponsors Esther Sporn of The Sporn
 Group and Jud Breslin of The Cobre Group. He even was so kind as
 to reference my article in the "AlleyCat News" devoted to top women
 in Silicon Alley. And I agreed with him wholeheartedly when he said
 that what was wrong with the article is that each woman deserves a
 full cover story and there are so many who weren't in there! Among
 the many recruiters and head hunters who came to hear the speakers
 were Marion Novack of Gainor, Lauren Schellenbach and Twee
 Merrigan of Aquent Partners, which was formerly known as
 MacTemps as of two weeks ago. I also met Jason Largever (Director,
 the Digital Sandbox) and Julian Barnes. Kelly Michaelian (Hotjobs)
 was friendly to me, which is more than I can say for Bob Liu (in the
 PR dept.), who basically was suggesting I not bother Mr. Johnson.
 Not always the best approach in terms getting journalists to speak with
 the CEO -- you never know when you might just get a little good OR
 BAD press.

 I did enjoy spending some time afterwards with Erica Garcia of the
 Daily News, though. And afterwards I met Paul Crayton of one of the
 newest hip New York new media type mags, Digital New York.
 Bogen PR and LPNYTHink definitely have put together a fine
 function, a breakfast panel that has a nice easy in the morning feeling.
 Elegant, quality people, good panel discussion and moderation and
 yummy bagels with lox! Sign up for the next one, which will be
 highlighting fultonstreet.com -- a profitable site that sells fishes on-line.
 Sounds fishy? Well, check it out!