Friday, April 09, 1999

Peppery party -- Peppercom

Peppers, peppers everywhere! Pepper lights strung around the office, peppers on people's desks, even the dog is named Pepper! When co-founders and managing partners Steve Cody and Ed Moed were coming up with names for their new firm, Steve's dog was the muse for inspiration. And so the company was named Peppercom. The "com" in Peppercom is a play on the "" and "communications." Even the company is broken into two peppery teams: the Jalapeno Team and the Chili Team, for organizational purposes. But one might wonder if all this attention to Pepper is giving Cinnamon, Steve's other dog, a complex. Beyond the name, this company, like so many other Silicon Alley companies, has been expanding at an accelerated rate and was desperately ready for their recent move to bigger space with better wiring. Wednesday, April 7th was the balmy night of their new office celebration at 470 Park Avenue South, and the guest list was (ahem) "peppered" with high tech hot numbers! Iguana Studios' Nancy and Jason came out to enjoy caterer Mark Fahrer's fine treats, and a handful of folks from Ernst & Young came out to enjoy Alayna Tagariello's feminine touches of candles and flowers for the party. The jazz duo entertained people from PR Week and Onsite Access -- a young group of people who really know their stuff! This is the firm that wired 55 Broad Street and has goals of wiring all real estate in NYC and beyond!

Correction: Onsite Access wired 55 Broad Street. Well, of course we all know that it was Bill Rudin and Rudin Management that did this (John Gilbert, Rudin's CTO, and Jerry Marmelstein designed the open platform concept) and who put the Wall Street area and wired buildings on the map for Silicon Alley, Long Island and beyond. Both companies are doing fabulous things, and I apologize for crossing my wires!