Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Javits Center findings

 I headed over to the Javits center with Kurt Ebner of Castle Point
 Systems, Inc. Castle Point focuses on Microsoft solutions and
 technologies and offers its clients both superior technical skills and
 solid project management skills for their projects. It was a busy week
 at the Javits center with real estate and textile shows going on in
 addition to the Internet and Electronic Commerce show. After
 weeding through the splashy, plush overdone booths and the swarms
 of smaller (but equally aggressive booths) I found a few interesting
 nuggets. In the telecom and e-com arena Seattle and Vancouver based
 E-Charge (www.echarge.com) is expanding their services of allowing
 consumers to securely charge on-line purchases to their phone bill to
 Canada. In one of the newest trendy areas of on-line shopping,
 incentive e-commerce, San Francisco based Netcentives
 (www.clickrewards.com) is expanding with an acquisition of Panttaja
 and reward programs with BarnesandNoble.com, garden.com, and is
 the exclusive provider of frequent flyer miles for major airlines. I was
 also impressed with Extricity Software, who even had a CD corporate
 video in their press kit in addition to the standard demo CD. They
 have a virtual factory and customer integration solutions for b2b