Sunday, April 11, 1999

Shakers and Stirrers - published 4/11/97


 HEAVEN's ANGELS today became part of the Permanent Research Collection on
 Information Technology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.
 HEAVEN -- Helping Educate, Activate, Volunteer & Empower via the Net --
 received the award for innovative uses of technology in its ANGELS computer,
 community service and career training program for youth.

 Webcinema is hosting war diaries of independent filmmakers from Belgrade. Their
 server in Belgrade has been shut down since April 2nd. The diaries were written from
 March 23 to April 6th, and the videos shot from March 22 to April 3rd, in and around
 Belgrade. The complete text of the War Diaries and the video

 In a grand gesture, Nokia decided to donate a total of USD 1 million for humanitarian
 assistance of the victims of the Kosovo crisis. The donation will be made through the
 Finnish Red Cross on Tuesday, April 13. With its donation, Nokia wants to contribute
 to providing fast support to the crisis area, wherever help is needed most.

 Viant ( filed to go public on April 9th. Their S-1 has been filed with
 the S.E.C. and can be reviewed

 Wacky! Here's a funny blurb that came across my desk: The Handwriting Company
 gives you a chance to be a 'new' person within 6 months; personality profiling - very
 in-depth and starting with clients age 6-8; employee theft/forgery cases made easy;
 employee screening, and genealogical services so people can bring their family tree to
 life and finally know the ancestors they've never met. ANYTHING having to do with
 handwriting for ANYONE! Discover the 'personality behind the pen' because
 handwriting never lies… and link to main.