Friday, April 23, 1999

The Cyber Scene in San Diego ~ by Joe Crawford

Joe Crawford reported to the WebSanDiego list that the first WebSanDiego happy hour was a grand success and had a nice little turnout! It was at the Bitter End in the Gaslamp Quarter, a very cool place -- a tad noisier than expected -- but very nice. Faces were put together with voices and names and business cards and stickers were exchanged, which revealed an interesting mix of skills and backgrounds! The illustrious list of initial attendees includes: Joe Crawford (Web Integrator; started list);
Jim Langston (Web Designer for Non-Profits); Bonnie Oberster (IT Professional segueing into web stuff) Domain name speculator Chris Roth (Designer, Domain Name Speculator, works for a major hosting company) was also there, as was David Snow who helped start this first happy hour (Illustrator, Web Design of all kinds) Anne Wayman of The MiningCo and who set up the San Diego guide for the MC came out and met some fellow San Diegans (Designer, Writer, MiningCo Guide), Tim Wayne (Designer for an IBM sub, Freelance Web Designer) and videographer Bev Woodworth (Videoographer making change into web design/multimedia) Video Vision also came out for the plentiful good discussions, talks and chats and lots of talk about tools (see below). And, after a few famous Black Martinis, I'm sure the funny stories that cropped up will be even more interesting when they make their way to the list. Check out the URL that started it all! Http://

Based on the success of this happy hour, Joe has plans to turn these into monthly gigs with the possibility of something fancier on a quarterly basis. Suggestions for venue preferences and whatnot would be appreciated - send them to Joe Crawford ( or David Snow (who organized this inaugural happy hour - kudos for that! --