Thursday, June 08, 2000

What are we all in this for, anyway?

They say if the music's too loud, then you’re too old. Well, if you were one lucky attendees that partook in Iconocast's WebAttack wild Broadway extravaganza then you definitely aren't too old. Despite the grueling pace we're in, if you took a moment, lifted your head from the whirlwind and noticed the energies about, you'd get so enthused you'd have to kick off your shoes, jump on the stage and dance right in the Gospel choir too as Michael saved some old marketers. Michael Tchong, donned in an all-white suit and white alligator shoes led the choir and the Broadway show-slash-conference.
Don't fret, though. You might catch a curtain call of this command performance tomorrow if you're lucky. RuPaul also performed, but later, and differently. At the post-conf party on Thursday, June 8 all I hear were raves amidst the dancing--and boy they were dancing too. Xmarks the spot videos showed and Michael glowed (in his orange Chinoiserie jacket). Mark Jeffrey introduced me to Laurence Roth (COO) of and Juli-Ann Natiuk of AudioBase came up and introduced herself to me. Meanwhile Michael and Beth Weintraub (art icon, Iconocast), Dara Tyson (Penton Media) and Mark Seago (eWonders) and I boogied to disco tunes. The China Club part of the evening ended at 10:00 PM and then the wild giddy days of day camp came back to visit me on the WiseAds bus tour part of the evening began. Three double-decker buses carried several hundred screaming partiers to one of six clubs. Dara, Mark and Jennifer Koster (director, Ten Dots) and I kept wondering if these were the newly banned former Big Apple Tour buses recently part of a city scandal. WiseAds employees threw candy at us and there were bags of chips available late-night munchies. The buses took everyone around to one of the clubs; you could redeem one of your six drink tickets till 3:00 am when the party line ended. On the way to our first stop Lonny Paul of Miami-based proudly boasted how he won $100 by having RuPaul mount him on stage at the China Club party earlier. That wasn't the raciest act, though, apparently someone else dropped his pants and put his head on "her" breast too!
The Web Attack! is back on schedule Friday, June 9, so check out: to see if you can sneak out and catch some of the marvelous Broadway inspired conference seminars.