Tuesday, June 20, 2000

I spy a purple alien

I walk into the SciFi.com relaunch party at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Tuesday, June 20. My heart thumps, but not because I see the man of my dreams. It beats wildly because I am immediately enveloped by heavy bass music (the talents of DJ Paul Oakenfold) and flashing lights around me. So it’s the music and lights alone that fill me -- or attempt to fill the void I feel. There's the standard registration table, with all its lists strewn about and name tags waiting to be used. There are two aliens -- one in red and the other in purple -- on stilts. They are tall, skinny, spiny versions of the Michelen Man. They are gyrating against the column, and caressing the backs of boys sitting nearby with their long spindly stick arms.

The bar. Fully stocked and waiting for thirsty dancers. The DJ stood back and surveyed the scene -- young girls and boys gyrating, jiggling, mating. And a row of healthy boys standing back, cocktails in hand, staring at the spectacle. There were demo computers in the back, screens with SciFi.com slithering across them. SciFi afficionados amazed by the site, checked it out. On my way out, I picked up one of the silver, Zip-lock bags with silver CD case, CDs, cellophane paper mints and a media kit. Aha! More info on what it's all about.