Thursday, June 15, 2000

The Cyber Scene in Dallas ~ by Gregg Wetterman

On the street

Cisco is bringing 2000 jobs to Dallas. Arisnet moved into a new building in
Deep Ellum. First World is unveiling their new Data Center next week. just received four million in funding.
(Where I work) just announced a partnership with
Ubundle.comjust did a monster deal. Sticknetworks is building out their new
digs. The Dallas Internet Society is having a round table of VC’s on
Thursday June 22nd. ITEC will be in Dallas next week. The list could go on
for pages since Dallas has lots of activity. What a wonderful time to be in
the tech sector.

Crashing the Party  who puts on a breakfast series called “Breakfast Click” came to
town and had a “High Tech Happy Hour” on Wednesday night at the Martini
Ranch. Since it was going to conflict with our happy hour we
decided to take our people over and crash it. (Since I told them we were
coming maybe crash is the wrong word). Over 80 people showed up to do the
biz cards trade and everyone had a great time. Rob McEwen the
CEO/Founder/Evangelist of M2K was a wonderful host. I guess it is would be
hard to have a bad time when you spend three hours sampling top shelf

“Having the time of my life”

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