Friday, June 02, 2000

TCS Intro ~ 6/2/00

* CyberSceneTV
It's live! We've got one more clip for your perusal of the fabulous founders of Hoovers Online. Hear founder Gary Hoover and Chairman & CEO Patrick Spain speak about how they started Hoovers and brought it online.

It's in Windows and Real at

* Black Tie boo-boos

If anyone found an Olympus D340-4 digital camera from the Black Tie event on Thursday, we would appreciate returning it to its rightful owner (us). Please contact

* Also, if anyone lost a scarf, please contact us for a description and to pick it up.

* Cocktails with Courtney

We're planning our DC, Atlanta and London trips for June. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorship. Future events also being planned for Seattle, the Hamptons and New York.

* The Cyber Scene Select Calendar of Events
This week we are also starting the launch of our select Calendar of Events. We'll send it on Friday so you can prepare for the coming week's events. As we want to provide as much value as possible, please send us your suggestions to help us improve the format, delivery and scheduling. (if you are subscribed to the newsletter you automatically subscribed).