Thursday, June 29, 2000

Rocking with new Floaters

Between the St. Martins Lane and Sandfordson Hotels, Ian Schrager is taking London by
storm. I met Harry Becher, of Rock Clubs, at the Sanfordson for a cocktail on
Thursday, June 29. It was early, but the lobby was already buzzing. In addition
to the flocks of tall, super skinny, super young girls fashioned out to the
max, there was a major scene going on outside in the garden and upstairs in the
penthouse. All that hubbaloo was for Charlie Muirhead, the 25-year-old who just
"floated" his company, Orchestream. With his stake alone, Muirhead
was worth 17 million pounds after the IPO. And he looked the part of the cool,
lanky, trendy genius – the kind we in the States haven't seen in a few years.
Harry and I stayed at our table downstairs, as the stream of new elite came by
to kiss-kiss their hellos and stay for a champagne and information download.
The CEO of I-Gabriel told me that his company's member-sponsored deals have
succeeded in putting more than 200 potential investments in the pipeline thus
far. With members like Esther Dyson and First Tuesday founders on the board,
this is one club where the benefits of membership usually translate into ROIs
with impact. AOL's European division Presidet popped over in a full suit before
heading off to another meeting. Roger Michael and Zoe Appleyard were friends in
the know (she just left a VC firm to start her own business) and after a string
of glorious "birds" flew past us, I realized I needed to get along to
my other events. I bid adieu, and promised I'd meet up with them at Rock later
that evening for dancing.