Tuesday, June 20, 2000

It's important to have Standards

The Industry Standard threw its famous Rooftop party in New York again, on Wednesday, June 20, to a crowd of over 800 new media kiddies and seasoned worker-bees alike. As several elevators full of people emptied out onto the street, I said a quick "Hello" to Bernhard Warner (deputy bureau chief, The Industry Standard). Upstairs I found Middleberg & Associates director, media strategy group, Rob Argento hanging out with Jocelyn Johnson (Sloane & Company) and Steve Miller, national sales manager, Richmond Events  (www.richmondevents.com). We chatted for a bit about changes in the industry and frustrations with client education. Ah yes, still an issue in this advanced age. Jonathan Perkel (Mofo.com) was his usual witty self as he introduced me to Emily Wei, a specialist in contemporary art. Larry Pearl (eCom Advisors) introduced me to Susan Slocum, who just launched Showbizdigest.com (and is now looking for her next venture) and LauraLouise Duffy (managing director Asset Management, FNY Capital Corp). Seth Price (USLaw.com) was also with them, and we caught up a bit on recent excursions and imparted some ever-useful and appreciated advice. Mark Policarpio (SixHats.com) came over and introduced me to SixHats' counsel, John Bolton (Nixon Peabody).

The crowd was thinning, but I caught Jeff Lundell (The Industry Standard) entertaining guests and Kathy Reilly (Stockback.com) taking leave with some friends. There were many more people staying and shimmying, but alas! another party called my name…