Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Do the hokie-pokie and turn yourself about

That's what it's all about! Jump your left foot in, jump your left foot out … Jumpcut's party on Tuesday, June 13, wasn't playing songs from a grade-school nightmare party, but it did feature a new kitsch-y neon sign outside the company’s launch bash with ImageDirect at 21st street and 11th Avenue. In a refreshingly unfinished garage space, right next door to the overused and slightly rude Lot 61, Jumpcut's party featured bins of hamburgers, focaccia and drinks with neon swizzle sticks. Meandering around the party, I chatted with Sean Malatesta, co-founder of Yack.com, who told me that his fiancée, the striking Serena Doshi, CEO & CO-Founder of Liv4Now, has been faring with changes in the UK's Internet scene. Pictures of Hollywood stars and other celebrity shots flashed on the walls as a backdrop to the youthful exchanges below.

Cecilia Pagkalinawan, president of Boutique Y3K, introduced me to a good friend of hers, L. Kelly Atkinson, a director at NBC Sports, just before TanyaTV.com and I compared notes on fishing and delegating. Marc Scarpa was getting his fill of hugs from friends and well wishers, and John McGann of JDM Interactive and I chatted about his enviable event space on Houston Street. Around the corner, in a tiny alcove, martinis were being served up as skinny guys and dolls sipped with abandon. Here, Rufus Griscom stood out from the flock and took pride in his spiffy corporate costume -- slacks, a buttoned down dress shirt and jacket. Granted, his bead and leather necklace, rugged sneakers and colorful garments didn't completely lend him to the boring interpretation of corporate attire, but he was ready for his round of financier meetings. Through the curtain doorway, Cherry Arnold and Lisa Cohen Russman of LaunchCenter 39 appeared. We made plans for Yoga classes on Sunday in Sag Harbor later this summer, and with that I made my exit. Of course, I couldn't leave before I said "hello" to Vica Vinogradova of Ladno.com (the Razorfish of Moscow), who was trying to get rid of her Zeppole's before joining her posse of David Friedensohn et al. The steady stream of taxis were another indication that this party would be jumping for much longer.