Tuesday, June 13, 2000

iClips, you clips, we all clips for ice cream

When you have a good thing going, you want to shout from the mountaintops and tell the world. You want to share the wealth. And iClips took this premise to a new level at the Screaming Media East conference on Monday and Tuesday, June 12 and 13. As opposed to taking a booth and hawking their wares, they took to the aisles and, with my assistance, reached out and interviewed people for personalized video email messages. We interviewed some known Alley-ites like the FeedRoom's Jon Klein and I-hatch's David Schreier and some new folks visiting the city from Germany, Japan, Virginia and California. Once they taped their personal vide message, after a quick and harmless question from Yours Truly, it was encoded and sent out within a few hours to the selected recipient. The link calls up the clip, which begins streaming on iClips' site. During Tuesday's lunch I sat with CEO Christopher Fadden, Partner Wilson Meeks and COO Seamus Carroll of Cold Spring, NY-based PointMedia Corporation and iClips Ad Sales Manager Roger Carmien, Marketing and Biz Development VP Nick Fiore, and CEO Michael Diamant. After listening to the Keynote.com Keynote during lunch, I savored on some cannoli and departed for the day.
e other Soliloquists in the dining room.