Wednesday, June 07, 2000

Cone Heads Rule!

Some might say it's their terrace that draws people to their parties. What with views of the Empire State building and the Chrylser building, why wouldn't it. Some might say it's the delicious food--homemade chocolate cookies and savory finger sandwiches. But it's really the people who work at Cone Communications who are so nice that draws me. Carol Cone, Shelly Bates, Michael Cummings -- all lovely people who are warm and greeted me warmly. As the winds picked up on the 21st floor and skirts of ladies fluttered, I chatted with Matthew Cassin, pres. & co-founder and Michael Fox, dir. marcom InfoRocket. Andrea Adler introduced me to Charles Jones, pres. & CEO of Yo! Lixuan An of Yo! introduced herself to me as Mindy Davis of BMG Direct chatted with Carol Cone. I was also introduced to the famed New York magazine (and other publications) writer Ruth Katz, who has all sorts of great tips on unique services in New York and abound. I learned where to go get custom bathing suits made based on your favorite design just before meeting Russell Kern of Vflash and Ola Petersson of BeliefNet. The winds were picking up more and more, but rain wasn't going to spoil this Thursday night. Guests were still enjoying themselves as I bid adieu and headed to the wild Web Attack! soiree.