Wednesday, June 07, 2000

Going off the Deepend

No sushi at this party, thank God. Just straight classic English Pub food (bangers and mash/fish and chips). In fact, I ate more bangers and mash at Deepend's launch party in NYC Wednesday, June 7 than I did when I was in London last. And based on the dress (or lack thereof) of some of the women that I saw at the VIP reception for the launch of their NY office, I knew I'd be in for a classic trendy London club scene later. Fred Brown (Deepend NY managing director) about their 100-hour weeks and taking the town by storm. Watch out Razorfish! With clients like Kenneth Cole, Kenneth Cole Reaction and some other prime clients perfect for the type of work they offer, you'll be sure to hear more. Simon Waterfall, one of the founders charmed the crowd in his snake pants and bleached-blond spike hair. His entourage surely are nocturnal creatures too, based on their "je ne sais quoi." I enjoyed the sunset and chatted with Jen Runne, Scott Ettin (Black Logic) and Catie Marshall (J. Walter Thompson). Jeff Heron (My Utility) was there with Bryce Gibson (Orion Consulting) and on the other side of the wrap-around deck my friend James O'Connor (Mercury Interactive) was chatting it up with Lisa Lam (British Airways) and her friend from In a smooth transition, as only the English could do, Fred made a brief announcement, telling the guests how the company started six years ago and launched this night in NY and San Francisco and later in the year they will be launching in Sidney and India. After many more brief "thank you's" the lights slid back down, the music volume slid up and the video projections lit up the walls in the space below. As I made my way to the door I chatted some more with Jeff Stewart (, Emin Aliev and Harlan Eplan (Proxicom) and Sandeep Bhanote (Global Bay).

* James and I headed out, but not without checking out one flight down where "Family of God" was setting up to play later. Michael Domican (Grey Entertainment), Richard Metzger ( and Jaime and brother Darren Levy were hanging out in the meantime. *