Thursday, June 01, 2000

A Word about GiG's

What do you get when you combine digerati with literati? A double whammy for a party packed with power and intelligence. And that's what the night was all about at Ingrid Bernstein and James Sanders' party in honor of Marisa Bowe, her brother John Bowe and Sabin Streeter in celebration of their book "Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs at the Turn of the Millennium" on Thursday, June 1. The Tribeca loft was hot and steamy, a major topic of the evening, but everyone refused to leave just for that reason. In fact, host James Sanders, played the role of host quite well, greeting guests with permission to disrobe to the level they feel comfortable.  Lisel Schillinger, the talented writer over at the New Yorker who penned the witty article on yours truly, was looking very La Dolce Vita in her sundress, tanned and refreshed from nearly a month's vacation in Greece.

Amidst the crush to get cups of ice with our drinks, I chatted with Andrew Cohen, managing director, national features of AOL's Digital City, for a spell. Then Mark Tribe of Rhizome and I discussed the heat and art events. Shawn Gold, VP of communications of, was taking Brad Nye of VIC around New York and showing him the local color, namely the authentic and experiential Russian Baths. Shawn continued in the relaxation vein by personally cooling guests down with dabs of Origins' Peace of Mind on our temples. Ahhhh, quelle magnifique! Andrew Gelman of introduced me to Chris Peacock, the managing editor of this hot new site. I saw an old friend and artist, Dan Witz, as I made my way to the back to meet and greet John and Marisa on their book. Sheridan Becker, another friend from my volunteer world, and I caught up on our respective ventures of late. Of course the evening was in full swing when I made my exit. You can see some of the pictures from (login: gig/password:zap)