Monday, June 12, 2000

Up on the rooftops

Even tho' the rooftop of BNN's office building was soggy with puddles,'s party on Fifth Avenue on Monday, June 12, brought lots of good cheer. Renee Edelman of PR 21 and I arrived at the same time with Chip Lewis of Continuous Media. We were immediately greeted by Sarah Dent of CameraPlanet and Steve Rosenbaum, the company's CEO. Entertaining us all with his terribly witty chatter was Max Rosenbaum -- Steve's son. He's entering the 5th grade in the fall.

Chip Austin was telling me of his hour-long escapade on CNN's "The New Show," and Mark Seago of eWonders was chatting with Kevin Lee of and Sarah Robinson of Digitas. Waiting for a refreshment at the makeshift bar, I met Vladimir Byhovsky, and across the room Chip Austin of Continuous Media introduced me to Reginald Ferguson of TVGuide. Despite the oversized speakers meant to drown out chatter with loud, loud music, Renee Edelman and I listened to Debbie Newman of FullAudio tell us about her explorations around the Chicago area. Then Robert O'Harrow and I sat down to chat about some changes in the "dot-com" party scene for his article in the