Tuesday, June 06, 2000

First Tuesday hits NY with a storm

The famed networking event of all of Europe (and parts of Asia) has hit New York, and on a particularly stormy night, too. But this group drew out significant numbers of entrepreneurs and other curiosity-seekers to Ohm on the first Tuesday of the month, June 6. Near the entrance I saw co-founder Julie Meyer who graciously greeted me with some quick introductions to Nick Denton, CEO of Moreover.com and co-founder of First Tuesday (FT). Heading toward the back, I saw Vincent Grimaldi of the Grimaldi Group and one of the members of the NY organizing committee. Past the check-in was the row of large posters of sponsors (Anderson Consulting, Sonnecnschein, Merrill Lynch, Redundent.net, Forbes, Exodus and AlleyCatNews) and the row of fried chicken fingers, dumplings and tarts. After chatting with Mark Policarpio of SixHats, I met Philipp Graf Von Matuschka and David Lenchus of Ireland-based Gorann. Edelights.com co-founder Caroline Cartellieri greeted me warmly, and in conversation I met Michael London of Teralent. Making my way toward the door, I overheard conversations of investments, although it was mostly entrepreneurs and not so many VCs who were hob-nobbing. Of the few VCs I chatted with, Dan Kaufmann of Glocap, Danny Schultz of Draper Fisher Jurveston Gotham and Amarish Mehta admitted they were hot targets with their red-tagged name badges. Shai Stern, managing director of Yazam.com and Flore Vasseur of Trendspotting were two new people I'd met who had enthusiasm and energy to spare -- like many of the new media folks still intent on networking this night.

Julie and the rest of the First Tuesday crew were off to more cities and continuing the fast pace we're all living in this dot-com world. Interesting to consider all the new media events going on in all the cities around the world on one particular night!